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The Center for Marriage Policy Mission Statement

Center for Marriage Policy Mission Statement

The Center for Marriage Policy (CFMP) was founded with the knowledge that heterosexual marriage is the structural prerequisite for a successful economy, limited purposeful government, low taxes, balanced state and federal budgets, freedom, and an internationally-competitive nation.

Marriage-absence is the primary driver of America’s self-compounding intergenerational socioeconomic and governance problems:

  • Poverty and across-the-board growth in runaway social entitlement spending
  • Lack of health care coverage
  • Insufficient assets for retirement
  • The shrinking middle class
  • Growing numbers of struggling unmarried mothers requiring costly governmental  husbandry, and unmarried men unable to support two households
  • Growing tax burdens and fewer taxpayers, driving politicized class-warfare between rich and poor
  • Sexualizing of children, child abuse, and child neglect
  • Participation in the underground economies of crime, drugs, gambling, prostitution, and pornography
  • High incarceration rates and the shifting of taxpayers to tax-burdens.
  • High taxes on business, and subsequent exodus of jobs and factories to foreign soil.
  • An overall moral decline affecting our nation at every level
  • Children’s psychological problems, poor school performance, involvement in gangs and the drug culture, teen pregnancy, incarceration, and failure to enter the workforce and advance to higher income levels
  • Disassociation from society and government
  • The perceived need for abortion
  • Low happiness levels and feeling of security for both adults and children
  • An overall breakdown in ethics of politics, law, business, investing, and contracts.
  • Explosive growth of government

Rebuilding heterosexual marriage as the social norm is the necessary structural foundation for successful American socioeconomic reconstruction.

Our Foundational Principle: Marriage must be reconstituted and enframed as a sacrosanct and core cultural institution while preserving individual liberties, promoting private sector autonomy, and limiting government involvement to the fullest extent possible (favoring private sector involvement over local government, local government involvement over state, and state involvement over federal).  Otherwise stated, marriage policies must share a commitment to encouraging, strengthening and preserving marriage, but accomplished in such a way so as to minimize the extent to which the government is directly involved in defining the nature and practice of marriage.

CFMP engages in the creation of sound socioeconomic reconstruction policy rising from well-founded objective footings of history, peer-reviewed science, and constructionist Constitutional principles of law consistent with Judeo-Christian principles that have proven to work across all civilizations for thousands of years.  Our policies address the needs and rights of Americans by addressing problems at their source.


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