Be a Marriage Booster

The Center for Marriage Policy is a 501h(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to create sound policies to reverse the trend of marriage-absence, restore heterosexual marriage as the social norm, balance federal and state budgets naturally, lift many poor out of structural poverty, repatriate jobs from overseas, restore a vibrant middle-class workforce and economy, free the marriage market from governmental interference, downsize government by ending policies actively and passively destroying marriage without sound purpose.

The Center for Marriage Policy was formed in 2011 to address the need for sensible marriage policy adhering to peer-reviewed economic and social sciences.  Many organizations complain about problems resulting from marriage-absence.  No other organization is dedicated to the necessary goal of restoring heterosexual marriage as the structural socioeconomic norm in the United States.  No other organization has developed a complete slate of interlocking, mandate-free policies spanning marriage,  jobs, welfare, domestic violence, and divorce.   Our policies are consistent with beliefs of conservatives, libertarians, constitutionalists, pro-life, economic conservatives, mainstream liberals, and world religions.

The complex nature of federal and state policies interfering with the marriage market requires coordinated policies addressing many fields of policy.   History proves that “Special interest” solutions are ineffective and often undermine marriage.  Our policies address all concerns and effectively target each issue effectively without allowing marriage to be negatively-impacted unless necessary.

Consistent with its 501h(3) tax status, the Center for Marriage Policy carefully creates policy frameworks and arguments proving the efficacy of our policies,  provides policy and analysis to other marriage-interested organizations, educates the public, builds networks of organizations and establishes strategies to achieve necessary pro-marriage changes.

The Center for Marriage Policy relies exclusively on donors like you.   We are a results-oriented organization with the wisdom, tools and policies to deliver what most Americans and businesses have waited for decades to see.   If you are tired of donating to organizations with their guns pointed in the wrong direction, we are the organization most deserving your donation.



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