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Report: The Costly Fraud of Marijuana Normalization

  California, Colorado, Washington D.C., and Washington State are convincing proof that marijuana normalization brings with it a sea of wreckage and red ink.   The broad and deep costs are well beyond the ability of states to afford, and far beyond tax revenues collected. Marijuana “legalization” is a cruel hoax.  Marijuana is not legalized when […]

Substance abuse laws: How to reduce gun and domestic violence

The problem with gun and domestic violence is not loaded guns — it is “loaded” people. Missouri legislation will give spouses a power tool leveraging substance abusing partners into recovery, saving marriages, preventing downstream violence, and saving the state millions in demand spending.

Strengthening Marriage Through Better Laws

Laws that address the consequences of problems never work. This article shows how many marriages will be saved, and government budgets balanced, by helping spouses leverage a substance-abusing spouse into substance-abuse treatment.