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Poverty is caused by marriage-absence

Marriage-absence is the primary predictor of poverty. The 1996 welfare reforms were not a success. Cohabitation, illegitimacy, and demand social spending grew greatly since 1996. We must finish welfare reform to rebuild marriage and re-establish the proven pathway to upward mobility for most lower-income Americans.

Marriage: America’s Greatest Fiscal Issue

Marriage is America’s leading fiscal issue. Marriage is a necessary economic structural component of every successful society. A very substantial portion of spending on welfare, health care, remedial education, teen pregnancy, incarceration, personal and small business bankruptcy, and home loan foreclosures arise because of marriage-absence.

Marriage-Absence is America’s Greatest Problem

Marriage-absence is Americas greatest structural economic and social problem. It drives the substantial majority of poverty for women and children, state and federal deficits, the disappearing middle class, home foreclosures, crime, violence, unteachable children, and urban flight.