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Checkmating State-Sponsored Drug Cartels

States are becoming drug cartels selling recreational marijuana under the guise of “medical marijuana”. States that legalized marijuana are saddled with tremendous consequential costs of marijuana and other kinds of substance abuse. Substance abuse in the family is the long-overdue problem requiring legislation so troubled families can leverage substance-abusing spouses into recovery.

Chronic State: Video about the health and costs of marijuana

This excellent video is an honest analysis of the very serious health, social, and economic consequences of marijuana “legalization”.

Report: The Costly Fraud of Marijuana Normalization

  California, Colorado, Washington D.C., and Washington State are convincing proof that marijuana normalization brings with it a sea of wreckage and red ink.   The broad and deep costs are well beyond the ability of states to afford, and far beyond tax revenues collected. Marijuana “legalization” is a cruel hoax.  Marijuana is not legalized when […]

Marijuana is a national health and political crisis

Marijuana “legalization” is a hoax far more dangerous than Al Gore’s global warming agenda.   States have become monopolistic drug cartels enriching their political friends and generating large sums of slush funds while destroying the lives of their own citizens. There are Thirteen key facts about the Left’s drug coup that reek to high heavens: America’s […]

Overdoses are now the leading cause of death among Americans under 50

Drug overdoses are now the leading cause of death among Americans under 50.  This is in addition to the many other expensive consequences of drug abuse such as school failure, crime, violence, divorce, and incarceration.  Business and government must work together to give families tools to root substance abuse out of the family.

Substance abuse laws: How to reduce gun and domestic violence

The problem with gun and domestic violence is not loaded guns — it is “loaded” people. Missouri legislation will give spouses a power tool leveraging substance abusing partners into recovery, saving marriages, preventing downstream violence, and saving the state millions in demand spending.

CFMP on WND: Anti-violence bill eyes substance abuse

ACU: Marriage Intervention

Our article published by the ACU demonstrates the need for wise policies giving spouses power tools to heal the common problem of  substance abuse in the family to improve marriage rates, reduce divorce rates, decrease domestic violence, and reduce traffic fatalities.

Strengthening Marriage Through Better Laws

Laws that address the consequences of problems never work. This article shows how many marriages will be saved, and government budgets balanced, by helping spouses leverage a substance-abusing spouse into substance-abuse treatment.