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An Open Letter to Patrick Henry College

Dr. Stephen Baskerville’s lecture “Politicizing Potiphar’s Wife: Today’s New Ideology” is a pivotal analysis of America’s descent into a politicized sexual riot now driving much of public policy and our uncontrollable deficit spending problem. Today’s magnetic ideologies about sex disorient and invert traditional responsible views on morality and charity so […]


Missouri Takes Lead Reducing Gun and Domestic Violence

Substance abuse in the family is the leading factor and primary driver of many kinds of gun-related crimes, domestic violence, and other offenses.  Legislation is needed give families tools to root substance abuse out of their families and communities

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CFMP on WND: Anti-violence bill eyes substance abuse


Suzanne Venker: Good women are hard to find


CFMP on Town Hall: Bridging the ‘Marriage-Gap’

The marriage gap exists because policy on both sides of the aisle hurts America. Real pro-marriage, pro-woman policy will rebuild America and lift millions of women and children out of poverty.

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Download the Protecting Marriage Month Leaflet

Download the Protecting Marriage Month flyer and leaflet businesses promoting the promiscuous culture of homosexuality and gay marriage.   America must not stimulate or condone activities that are fatal or disabling to others.  25% of new HIV cases are women who most often are unknowingly infected by a bisexual male.

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‘Protect Marriage’ campaign targets ‘gay’ health risks

World Net Daily reported on our month-long “Protecting Marriage Month” leafeting campaign.  Businesses should not profit from or promote promiscuous lifestyles that spread fatal or disabling diseases in the homosexual community and impacting many innocent heterosexuals.


Schlafly: The Importance of Strengthening Marriage

Phyllis Schlafly discusses the importance of Economic Policies by the Center for Marriage Policy in this Human Events article.

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Schlafly: We Need Pro-Family Tax Policies

‎Phyllis Schlafly stresses the tremendous importance of our marriage economics policy again in her column this week. “Marriage absence is the biggest cause of poverty and a major cause of unbalanced budgets and our colossal national debt. Any candidate who claims to be pro-marriage should favor eliminating the sections of the tax code that reward non-marriage”


Micheal J. McManus in “The Family In America”: No-fault divorce must be ended


Who can lead America out of ratcheting socialism?

David R. Usher explains why the 1994 Republican Revolution failed to reverse marriage-absence and balance the budget, and what policy makers must do to reconstruct America


Marriage-absence: the primary cause of the shrinking middle class

The middle class disappeared with the divorce and illegitimacy revolutions. It takes 1.4 median incomes to be in the middle class, and that is usually not possible on one income.