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Schlafly: We Need Pro-Family Tax Policies

‎Phyllis Schlafly stresses the tremendous importance of our marriage economics policy again in her column this week. “Marriage absence is the biggest cause of poverty and a major cause of unbalanced budgets and our colossal national debt. Any candidate who claims to be pro-marriage should favor eliminating the sections of the tax code that reward non-marriage”

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Schlafly on the Center for Marriage Policy: Social Issues vs. Fiscal Issues

In her Town Hall article “Social Issues vs. Fiscal Issues”, Phyllis Schlafly backs our Marriage Values policies as being the framework to rebuild America’s socioeconomic infrastructure.

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Marriage-Absence: America’s Greatest Problem

In his article “Marriage-absence: America’s greatest problem“, CFMP President David R. Usher discusses why marriage-absence is America’s greatest economic and social problem, and why “Marriage Values” policy will pull America out of deficit spending.

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Marriage and Health Care Coverage

In “Doubling the size of the welfare state“, published on World Net Daily, David R. Usher points out that health care coverage would not be a major problem if marriage were the social norm.  Marriage Values policy is required to structurally end this problem.


Saving marriage by impacting substance abuse in the family

“Marriage Intervention“, by David R. Usher and Rep. Cynthia Davis, published by the American Conservative Union, discusses tangible policy to positively impact substance abuse problems that lead to costly divorce and relationship break-up.


Why the Marriage Gap Is Bad For America

In her article “Why the marriage gap is bad for America“, retired Georgia Chief Justice Leah Ward Sears discusses why marriage is a necessary institution for maintaining or restoring the American middle class.