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Chronic State: Video about the health and costs of marijuana

This excellent video is an honest analysis of the very serious health, social, and economic consequences of marijuana “legalization”.

The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry formally opposes legalization of medical marijuana

“Adolescent marijuana users are more likely than adult users to develop marijuana dependence, and their heavy use is associated with increased incidence and worsened course of psychotic, mood, and anxiety disorders. Furthermore, marijuana’s deleterious effects on cognition and brain development during adolescence may have lasting implications.”

Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Reports

This large group multi-state longitudinal report proves that THC-based cannabis legalization, often done under the fraudulent mantra of “medical marijuana” is a costly tragedy for states.  Colorado and other states are recording very large unfunded increases in car accidents, health and mental health problems, addiction problems, homelessness, poverty, crime, illegal grows, environmental cleanups, interdiction costs, […]

War “For The Children”

“Vietnam was thus the international version of our domestic Great Society programs.… South Vietnam’s cities – like much of inner-city America – soon became corrupt and dependent welfare zones.”

Why marijuana is a national health and political crisis

Marijuana is an addictive drug that damages brains, hearts, lungs, and lives.  Medical marijuana is fraud with government becoming the drug cartel.  The social and economic costs to states is far higher than income generated.

“19 And Counting” with Josh Duggar

The war against the Duggar family is being waged by those who reject families. We should be proud of the Duggars for all of their contributions to our understanding of how a family can work.

Altered Matrimony

Marriage is an institution necessarily recognized by the state that should guarantee private life and parental authority.  The takeover of this institution and its redefinition has lead to destruction of the value of marriage and reduced religion to mere ornamental value.

Can Christianity Survive the Sexual Revolution?

Dr. Stephen Baskerville, a professor at Patrick Henry College, has this excellent article about the sexual minefield of governmental authoritarianism that is “college” in Crisis Magazine.  Dr. Baskerville is on our Board of Advisors.

An Open Letter to Patrick Henry College

Dr. Stephen Baskerville’s lecture “Politicizing Potiphar’s Wife: Today’s New Ideology” is a pivotal analysis of America’s descent into a politicized sexual riot now driving much of public policy and our uncontrollable deficit spending problem. Today’s magnetic ideologies about sex disorient and invert traditional responsible views on morality and charity so completely as to render discussions […]

Politicizing Potiphar’s Wife: Today’s New Ideology

Editor’s Note: The Center for Marriage Policy published an Open Letter to Patrick Henry College expanding on Dr. Baskerville’s lecture and defending it from a few individuals who are harshly criticizing it. _____________________________________ Faith & Reason Lecture: Republished by permission of Dr. Stephen Baskerville. Stephen Baskerville Patrick Henry College September 13, 2013 Some of you […]

Download the Protecting Marriage Month Leaflet

Download the Protecting Marriage Month flyer and leaflet businesses promoting the promiscuous culture of homosexuality and gay marriage.   America must not stimulate or condone activities that are fatal or disabling to others.  25% of new HIV cases are women who most often are unknowingly infected by a bisexual male.

‘Protect Marriage’ campaign targets ‘gay’ health risks

World Net Daily reported on our month-long “Protecting Marriage Month” leafeting campaign.  Businesses should not profit from or promote promiscuous lifestyles that spread fatal or disabling diseases in the homosexual community and impacting many innocent heterosexuals.