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Your Choice: Marriage or Bankrupt Big Government?

Marriage-absence drives our greatest economic and social problems. The only feasible way to balance budgets in ways everyone will benefit from is to reshape federal and state laws that senselessly weaken or buy out marriage.

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Phyllis Schlafly’s Radio Show from the Founding of the Center for Marriage Policy

Listen to Phyllis Schlafly’s radio show broadcast from the Founding of the Center for Marriage Policy. David R. Usher, Cynthia Davis, Allen Icet, Janice Shaw Crouse, Joe Cordell, and other pro-marriage leaders speak about the economic necessity of reversing the trend of marriage-absence.

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Marriage: The Replacement For Welfare

A necessary component of America’s forthcoming reconstruction is the replacement of welfare and national health care with marriage. Marriage is revenue-positive and builds naturally-sustainable communities. Marriage is a positive issue for voters. A very significant portion of federal and state deficit spending problems structurally arise because the ratio of married families to single-head-of-household families is precipitously low.