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Schlafly on the Center for Marriage Policy: Social Issues vs. Fiscal Issues

In her Town Hall article “Social Issues vs. Fiscal Issues”, Phyllis Schlafly backs our Marriage Values policies as being the framework to rebuild America’s socioeconomic infrastructure.


Non-Marriage bonus: Children as Income Producing Assets


Welfare Destroys Marriage, Does Not Reduce Poverty

Since the 1970’s, poverty has consistently ranged between 11% and 15% in spite of economic boom and bust cycles. Yet, since 1982 the number of households receiving federal assistance has grown by 50%. 34.2% of households, predominantly unmarried individuals, now receive governmental assistance more than twice the poverty rate. Welfare is a non-marriage incentive that must be replaced with welfare-to-marriage policy.

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Center for Marriage Policy: The Costs of Marriage-Absence

A short list of the costs of Marriage Absence by the Center for Marriage Policy

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Thank You for supporting marriage restoration

Thank you for supporting the restoration of marriage in America.  Your contribution is invaluable helping us formulate policies necessary to reconstruct America’s economic and social fabric, educate the public, and encourage states and individuals to enact policy improvements. We could not do this without you because we are entirely supported […]


Walking Off the Plantation

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FRC: Our Fiscal Crisis: We cannot tax, spend, and borrow enough to substitute for marriage

FRC joins CFMP and Phyllis Schlafly stating that heterosexual marriage must be restored to balance budgets


Federal law Drives Non-marriage

When welfare transfers are included, federal policy strongly stimulates cohabitation and illegitimacy.


Government Burning Family Tree At Both Ends


St. Louis named second highest in U.S. for gun violence

Low marriage rates means high violence rates. Welfarism destroys both marriage and local economies.


‘Friends With Benefits’ is ‘Scientifically Impossible’

The latest phase of the sexual revolution is causing serious emotional problems for youth.


Decline and fall of the American empire

America’s structural weaknesses begin with marriage-absence. The foundation to reconstruct America begins with Marriage Values policy.