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Reconstruction / Supply-side socioeconomics

Marriage: The Replacement For Welfare

A necessary component of America’s forthcoming reconstruction is the replacement of welfare and national health care with marriage. Marriage is revenue-positive and builds naturally-sustainable communities. Marriage is a positive issue for voters. A very significant portion of federal and state deficit spending problems structurally arise because the ratio of married families to single-head-of-household families is precipitously low.


Costs of Marriage-Absence: SAT Reading Scores Fall to Lowest Level on Record

Substance Abuse

ACU: Marriage Intervention

Our article published by the ACU demonstrates the need for wise policies giving spouses power tools to heal the common problem of  substance abuse in the family to improve marriage rates, reduce divorce rates, decrease domestic violence, and reduce traffic fatalities.

Marriage Economics

Marriage: America’s Greatest Fiscal Issue

Marriage is America’s leading fiscal issue. Marriage is a necessary economic structural component of every successful society. A very substantial portion of spending on welfare, health care, remedial education, teen pregnancy, incarceration, personal and small business bankruptcy, and home loan foreclosures arise because of marriage-absence.

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Divorced From Reality

This article by Dr. Stephen Baskerville published in American Conservative explains why marriage-absence is a major problem in the United States.

Domestic Violence / Slide Show / Substance Abuse

Strengthening Marriage Through Better Laws

Laws that address the consequences of problems never work. This article shows how many marriages will be saved, and government budgets balanced, by helping spouses leverage a substance-abusing spouse into substance-abuse treatment.

Health Care / Marriage / Poverty

Marriage-Absence: America’s Greatest Problem

In his article “Marriage-absence: America’s greatest problem“, CFMP President David R. Usher discusses why marriage-absence is America’s greatest economic and social problem, and why “Marriage Values” policy will pull America out of deficit spending.

Health Care / Marriage

Marriage and Health Care Coverage

In “Doubling the size of the welfare state“, published on World Net Daily, David R. Usher points out that health care coverage would not be a major problem if marriage were the social norm.  Marriage Values policy is required to structurally end this problem.


Saving marriage by impacting substance abuse in the family

“Marriage Intervention“, by David R. Usher and Rep. Cynthia Davis, published by the American Conservative Union, discusses tangible policy to positively impact substance abuse problems that lead to costly divorce and relationship break-up.


Reducing widespread black poverty

In its paper “Marriage: A social justice issue“, The Acton Institute proves that lifting black communities out of poverty and social bedlam rests definitively on restoring marriage as the social norm.


Why the Marriage Gap Is Bad For America

In her article “Why the marriage gap is bad for America“, retired Georgia Chief Justice Leah Ward Sears discusses why marriage is a necessary institution for maintaining or restoring the American middle class.

Marriage Economics / Slide Show

Marriage-Absence is America’s Greatest Problem

Marriage-absence is Americas greatest structural economic and social problem. It drives the substantial majority of poverty for women and children, state and federal deficits, the disappearing middle class, home foreclosures, crime, violence, unteachable children, and urban flight.